The Ilke Homes Story

ilke Homes selected StaffConnect’s mobile app platform to enable them to communicate in real-time across multiple locations, ensuring individuals throughout the entire organisation were aware of the mission and their role in achieving it.

Since the business requires many workers to be out in the field, rather than desk-based and many don’t have access to a laptop or desktop computer, the company also needed a way to consolidate internal communication into a single digital platform, instead of using multiple tools like email or intranet, which are not accessible to deskless employees.

ilke homes wanted a mobile engagement solution that would be easy for every employee to access, implement, and use regardless of where they are based. With a priority of ensuring open two-way communication between workers in the field/production site and management back at headquarters, ilke Homes wanted the most effective way to share information across the organisation and among work groups. It was also critical that the communication be two-way – not just from management to staff, but from staff to their managers and peers, to share perspectives, viewpoints and best practices.

StaffConnect delivered a sophisticated mobile platform which supported their business requirements and employee engagement goals. Our communications professionals worked closely with the team at ilke homes, providing domain expertise to help them define best practice and implement a winning communication strategy.

Results and Feedback

StaffConnect’s mobile engagement platform has been a big game changer for us, and very unifying in terms of how we’re now approaching communication and understanding the importance of our work at ilke Homes. It’s helped with everything from engagement, sustainability and innovation to transparency and two-way information exchange.

Helen Charlesworth
Head of PR
ilke Homes



Sector / Industry

Housing / Construction



Key App Features

  • News
  • Communities
  • Directory
  • Survey
  • Events
  • Library
  • Notifications
  • Tickertape

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