The Jerome’s Furniture Story

Jerome’s Furniture is a third-generation, family-owned chain of furniture stores based in the US. Founded in 1954 by Jim and Esther Navarra, Jerome’s has kept family at its heart, operating with a ‘people-first’ approach treating both staff and customers as a part of their family.

With close to 1,000 employees, and 19 stores and offices, it was important to Jerome’s Furniture to find a way to simultaneously both communicate and engage with their expansive workforce. This was of particular importance as a large majority of their employees – including buyers, salespeople and warehouse staff – are deskless or remote workers, who do not have access to desktop or laptop computers. Jerome’s therefore looked towards a mobile engagement and communication solution, and that’s where StaffConnect comes in.

Results and Feedback

StaffConnect is the right communication vehicle for transparency and two-way information exchange throughout the company, as well as to gather and analyze key data points and feedback to ensure customers have the best products that fit their style and needs.


The mobile platform helps us with everything from onboarding to distributing surveys and gathering opinions and feedback on the results of various promotions and campaigns. It also allows buyers and sales to collaborate and gather customer feedback on the success of these sales promotions.


The solution helps us deliver on our value of taking care of each other and our customers, facilitating a culture where everyone matters and is recognized in their various roles. Two-way, real-time communication has been extremely positive, and employees and our executives are on board and engaging.

Cheyney Stivalet
Senior Director of Employee Engagement
Jerome’s Furniture



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Key App Features

  • News
  • Communities
  • Directory
  • Chat
  • Survey
  • Events
  • Library
  • Notifications
  • Tickertape

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