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The overwhelming majority of the global workforce doesn’t sit at a desk.

In fact, around 80% of us qualify as deskless workers. StaffConnect is an innovative deskless workers app, designed to help companies of all kinds reach their deskless workforce with seamless and straightforward internal communications.

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Award-winning staff engagement platform

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A deskless workers app that helps you reach out

Businesses with engaged workers outperform their unengaged competitors by 202%. Your deskless workers are key to this productivity and revenue boost.

Engaging your non-desk workforce is about making people feel like they are a part of the company, even if they’re not in the office with you. Mobile technology is perfect for connecting you with your deskless workers and can help minimise staff turnover and turn your deskless workers into legitimate brand advocates, all using existing hardware.

Measurable outcomes for your deskless workers app

StaffConnect isn’t about guesswork. Our deskless workers app has been built by technical and HR experts to tangibly increase engagement with your deskless workforce.

Every customer benefits from a Customer Success programme, supporting you throughout the launch, roll-out and ongoing implementation of the deskless workers app. You can also directly gauge engagement levels with our powerful user analytics.

Full deskless workers app integration

Even large organisations are using still systems like Slack, WhatsApp and email to connect with employees, juggling multiple, incompatible systems plagued with data security issues and opportunities for human.

StaffConnect is a complete deskless workers app, allowing you to securely share files, instant message anyone in the organisation, check staff engagement levels with a quick pulse survey and more.

Connect with your deskless employees, boost your bottom line. With StaffConnect, it really is that easy.

Case Study: Yeo Valley

Yeo Valley selected StaffConnect to provide a branded app that reflected their company culture and ethos. The app delivered a range of features that help drive open communication, knowledge sharing and empowered employee communities.