How can Mobile Technology Help Enterprises Overcome the Employee Engagement 
Crisis Impacting 2.7 Billion Deskless Employees?

Deskless workers – The forgotten workforce?

Over 80% of today’s employees are deskless workers and may not even have access to a corporate email account. So, how do you ensure your communications are reaching your dispersed workforce?

As a business leader, HR or Communications manager it’s up to you to ensure all the relevant information is getting across to the team and that communication remains an integral part of day-to-day operations.

In today’s world, where there are more deskless workers than ever before, it’s important to evolve and utilise new innovative ways to keep communication front and central.

The StaffConnect App

StaffConnect is a mobile-based platform designed to reach and engage all employees, especially deskless workers.

The StaffConnect app has been designed for businesses with a dispersed workforce in mind. The safe and secure mobile app has all the features needed to create a unified internal communication network that includes and engages all members of your team, wherever they’re located.

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StaffConnect’s deskless workforce eBook discusses how mobile technology is key to helping organisations engage their entire workforce and overcome the challenges that result from disengaged employees.  In addition to an overview of the StaffConnect platform, you will find information and advice to ensure that your deskless workers feel connected to your company goals and mission and have everything they need to complete tasks to the highest possible standards.

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