Download the Global Human Capital Trends report

The Global Human Capital Trends report includes a survey of more than 10,000 HR and business leaders across 140 countries and looks at the challenges that lie ahead for business and HR leaders in 2017.

The report tells us “Organisational culture, engagement, and employee brand proposition remain top priorities in 2017; employee experience ranks as a major trend again this year”.
Innovation and new technologies are key to engaging with employees and the report discusses how the introduction of HR communication platforms will transform the workplace, improve internal communication and benefit both the company and its employees.

At a time when business needs and expectations are evolving faster than ever, the 21st-century workplace brings new changes, challenges and new technologies which means HR leaders are having to rethink the way they communicate with employees.

One of the biggest challenges for companies is employees who feel frustrated by a lack of communication or follow up on feedback. At StaffConnect we see these challenges as opportunities. An opportunity to actively engage, communicate and collaborate with your employees in a way that will keep them connected and loyal to your brand and boost morale, which leads to more productivity in the workplace.

The StaffConnect App enables users to participate in company surveys, set up communities, create user-generated content and stay in touch, wherever they are. This is particularly useful for employees working remotely, or in different parts of the word and may be feeling isolated and less engaged.

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