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Your workforce isn’t communicating properly. Only 20% of employees still sit at a desk, but the vast majority of organisations are still using desktop internal communications systems.

This means that most of your workers are being left out of the loop, information isn’t being shared effectively and employee resentment is probably building. StaffConnect is the employee communications app for modern dispersed organisations.

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Boost loyalty and productivity with our employee communications app

Miscommunication creates frustration. If this is an ongoing problem, this leads to high staff turnover and low productivity. StaffConnect unites your entire workforce and enables your employees to communicate more effectively. Our employee communications app integrates file-sharing, instant messaging, quizzes and more to create an environment where information in distributed fairly and more easily.

An employee engagement app with security and reliability

Chances are, you’re currently using a system like WhatsApp, email or staff intranets to communicate with your employees. Many of these systems are riddled with data security challenges and can’t reach those that don’t sit at a desk. StaffConnect is the employee communications app built for the modern, deskless workplace. Our software ensures ongoing communication even during network downtime.

Direct pathway to employee communications app success

StaffConnect’s employee communications app was built by a team of domain, IC and customer success experts who provide end-to-end in-app support. Our Customer Success programme ensures the effective launch, roll-out and ongoing implementation of our software at your organisation. Once in use, StaffConnect’s engagement levels can be clearly measured using the user analytics.

Connect with your deskless employees, boost your bottom line. With StaffConnect, it really is that easy.

Case Study: Yeo Valley

Yeo Valley selected StaffConnect to provide a branded app that reflected their company culture and ethos. The app delivered a range of features that help drive open communication, knowledge sharing and empowered employee communities.