The Causes of Employee Disengagement Infographic

The Causes of Disengagement

Disengagement is a big issue in many organisations. Having a disengaged workforce leads to a number of problems which have a snowball effect to negatively impact the bottom line.

‘The Causes of Disengagement’ infographic highlights some of the key causes of a disengaged workforce.

Employees don’t feel valued

If you felt like your time spent working wasn’t valued, would you really put in 100% effort all the time? Probably not. Ensuring your employees feel appreciated and their work is valued is vital towards employee morale and performance.

Poor manager relationships

One of the main reasons people leave is a poor relationship with their managers. Managers need to inspire, lead and most importantly gain their employees trust. These help to create a workforce that wants to work for you.

Lack of employee feedback

Feedback is essential in helping people grow and develop. Providing your employees with feedback and creating an open, two-way communication channel, enables employees to improve and strengthen their skills.

No sense of purpose

Many employees feel detached from or aren’t even aware of the company’s vision and values. Building an understanding amongst all employees of how each and everyone plays a part in that vision, will help give a sense or purpose to their everyday work.

So what does this mean for my organization?

If your organization is suffering from one of the many causes of disengagement, it is most certainly impacting your bottom line. To get the best out of your employees your need to engage them, motivate them and show them how they are an important and valued member of the company working towards the same vision.

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