Employee Driven Innovation

Here at StaffConnect we believe innovative ideas can come from any employees, from those analysing the latest trends in an office, to frontline staff hearing direct from customers on daily basis. Capturing and cultivating those ideas is essential to ensure the future of your company meets the emerging and evolving needs of customers.

Examples of Employee Driven Innovation

Aviva Customer Cup Competition
British Airways online suggestion
3M 15 percent scheme

StaffConnect Employee Driven Innovation


StaffConnect allows you to practice a culture of innovation by encouraging employees to participate in idea sharing. Ideas often strike at random moments in time, through a conversation with a customer or perhaps seeing something out and about.

Currently your employees may not feel they are able to share those ideas, either because it isn’t there role, there is no formal way in which to do it or perhaps they believe an emailed idea to their boss would go no further.

It’s time to break down those barriers and empower your employees to share their ideas and thoughts. In StaffConnect, everyone can share, like and comment on ideas helping to establish popular ideas which can be taken forward into product development.

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