Employee Engagement – The Key To Successful Mergers And Aquisitions

Find out how mobile technology can help increase employee engagement to help drive positive responses during times of business transformation.

Many enterprises will, at some point in their timeline, undertake merger or acquisition activities. Honest, two-way communication is vital during these times of businesses transformation to help maintain levels of employee engagement, communicate the real facts and ensure a smooth transition during the M&A processes.

Statistics prove that when staff feel disengaged and uncertain about their future they are more likely to be less productive and look for a new role, which is time consuming, disruptive and expensive for organisations.

Our brand new White Paper Mergers & Acquisitions: A Critical time to engage employees gives access to the latest research and offers practical advice on how to maintain and improve employee engagement levels, reduce attriton rates and drive the cultural change necessary to align the workforce to the approaching business transformation.

Read our blog post that looks further at the impact Mergers & Acquisitions can have on your employees and business performance, and explains what you can do to help reassure employees, stop fake news and maintain engagement levels during times of uncertainty.

How can StaffConnect help your organisation?

We work with organisations, all over the world, who are looking to proactively take control of employee communications and increase employee engagement. StaffConnect mobile employee engagement platform transforms the employee experience by enabling large enterprises to connect, communicate and engage their entire workforce, especially remote, non-desk employees.

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