Employee Onboarding App

Are you looking for a solution to help get your new employees onboard? With the employee onboarding app from StaffConnect, your new remote team will be up and running in no time at all.

Everything you’ll need to welcome your new employee into your organisation is just the touch of a button away with the StaffConnect app, which can be accessed digitally through a computer or mobile device.




Instantly message new remote employees with all the information they need to get started. Send information to a number of new employees in real-time to get them onboard quickly and efficiently.


Keep your new employees in the loop with the specially designed news feature available on the app. Upload everything from company news to special updates for your remote workers to access in real-time from their location.


Help your new employees feel part of the team and strengthen existing relationships with the communities feature. Your team members can share general updates, images and videos with co-workers from their remote working location.


Events are a great way to help onboard new team members and to help get them quickly up to speed with your business. Use the app to promote events, both online and offline



New employees coming onboard means new eyes on your business. Allow your new workers to input their ideas for your business processes, working methods etc. with the digital employee suggestion box.


Keep your new employees up to date with the RSS integrated feed. Instantly view updates and track a number of sites in one streamlined place.


The features of this app mean that everything your new remote worker will need is readily available. As such, there probably won’t be many questions to ask! However, the real-time onboarding app means that if there are, a colleague can be on-hand to answer instantly, so your new employee can continue to get on with their work as soon as possible.


Help your new employees with their onboarding process with the library section of the app. This feature allows your new remote employees to access everything they need to get the job done and feel part of the team, from important documentation to health and safety policies.


You can even make the library accessible for new employees before their contracted start date so they can get up to speed on everything ahead of time.


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If you’re interested in what the employee onboarding capabilities offered by StaffConnect can do for you and your remote workers, then why not book a demonstration today.

Through the demonstration, a StaffConnect app expert will talk you through all the features, and show you how the app can help you welcome new employees into your organisation.

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