Comparing StaffConnect Chat feature to
Workplace Chat by Facebook

Workplace Chat is a completely separate application.
StaffConnect Chat is an integrated feature of our mobile engagement solution.

StaffConnect Chat is integrated within the same StaffConnect application

  •  Only 1 app to download
  •  No need to toggle between apps
  • Works seamlessly with our integrated employee Directory

Workplace Chat is a separate application to Facebook Workplace

  • Users need to download a second application
  • Users need to toggle between two separate apps
  • No directory so it is harder to find and contact colleagues
  • Identical interface to Facebook consumer service with no bespoke branding option available

StaffConnect is a unified mobile enagement platform

  • StaffConnect is a unified mobile engagement platform designed specifically to transform how employers reach, communicate and engage with employees, and how employees engage with each other – regardless of what they do, or where they are located.
  • Featuring an interactive app, an intuitive management console and an inspiring success programme.

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