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With the formal release of Workplace by Facebook, formerly called Facebook at Work, you may be keen to know how StaffConnect is different and the key reasons you should consider using our platform over the social giant.

Find out more on how StaffConnect differs to Workplace by Facebook and how we are helping communicators to change the employee experience and increase employee engagement.


Facebook workplace lacks Support and Domain Expertise

Facebook workplace no domain expertise or support

As with many software products available, Workplace by Facebook sell you the software and then leave you to it. You will need to find a third party provider for best practice support and guidance.

We know that you can have the most powerful tool at your hands, but if you don’t use is wisely you won’t get the best results. StaffConnect provides the AppSuccess programme; consultations and training with a domain expert to support your strategy from concept through to launch and ongoing use.

Facebook workplace offers no branding personalisation

facebook workplace - no personalised branding

Workplace by Facebook offers you a platform just like the consumer version, which is fully branded in Facebook’s style, colours and logo.

We believe your brand should be front and centre. Providing a branded app experience to generate trust and reassurance and build an association with your company brand, as opposed to an association with Workplace by Facebook. StaffConnect is personalised with your branding to deliver an employee experience from your company not ours.

Facebook workplace offers a Limited product feature set

Facebook workplace - limited feature set

Workplace by Facebook provides your organisation with the features that have been designed for the consumer personal Facebook platform.

At StaffConnect we have built the platform based upon the needs of internal communications and HR professionals. We have taken a mobile-first approach to address the disconnected non-desk workforce and developed a number of features you don’t see in Workplace like pulse surveys, quizzes and resource libraries.

0 % of companies banned Facebook
(Source: Ricoh, 2017)

Buy-in for Facebook workplace

Have you banned Facebook in the past? You may want to consider how your employees will react when lifting a ban for work related Facebook product. Will you face resistance? How will you moderate Workplace vs Facebook usage? It may also be more difficult to get buy-in from the board for the project.