Employee engagement platform for the healthcare sector

Inefficiencies in healthcare environments have real consequences, including potential data security breaches and delays that impact the quality of care provided. Your workforce will likely be constantly on the move and always focused on patients or clients, as they should be.

StaffConnect is an internal communications platform for the healthcare sector that ensures information gets properly relayed without taking staff away from the core of their work.

With StaffConnect, your healthcare team can continue doing their best work while being equipped with everything they need to know.


Healthcare teams haven’t got any time to waste. That’s why every feature in StaffConnect plays a specific role in streamlining communication.



Staff emails don’t have the ability to reach deskless or largely deskless workers like doctor’s nurses, healthcare assistants and carers. Whether it’s urgent or just an interesting company announcement, StaffConnect helps you cut your reliance on emails while keeping all your employees informed.


Every day has new challenges and new information to go along with them. StaffConnect’s scrolling tickertape forms part of the homescreen, effortlessly keeping your team updated with all the must-know details for the day’s tasks.


Sometimes it can be hard for your healthcare team to stop and have a moment with one another. Ensure they have a digital space to interact with StaffConnect’s communities. This functions just like a social channel, where users can post and comment on updates, photos and more!


When healthcare workers need answers, there’s no time to waste! StaffConnect’s internal communications app for the healthcare sector has a dedicated space for staff to ask questions and view FAQs, reducing delays caused by late replies.



It can be hard to find the time to check in with your healthcare team to see how they’re feeling and how satisfied they are with processes. StaffConnect includes a survey feature, allowing identify and address areas of concern ahead of the annual NHS National Patient and Staff Survey.


If there is room for improvement, the people who will definitely know about it are your employees! However, it’s not always clear when the right time is to suggest new ways of doing things. Streamline the route to innovation in healthcare teams with our ideas feature.


There is a distinct lack of adequate communication systems in place to fit the needs of both NHS and non NHS healthcare workers. Common instant messaging tools don’t have the security protection in place to prevent serious data breaches. StaffConnect’s chat feature is fully compliant with data protection laws.


Healthcare work can be mentally draining. Give your employees a chance to keep their brains sharp while taking a break from their busy day with quizzes, games and more on StaffConnect. Gamification has proven benefits for knowledge retention, motivation and more.


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