How we help Non-Desk Employees

The non-desk employee workforce are underserved with many organisations communication channels being designed for desk employees, requiring email or computer access.

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Why consider your Non-Desk Employees

0 %
of the global workforce are non-desk employees & underserved by technology

Source: Emergence Capital

0 %
of US non-desk employees are not actively engaged in the business

Source: Gallup

0 %
of NDEs receive not enough communication to perform their job effectively

Source: Tribe Inc

Problems faced by Non-Desk Employees

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  • Based in varied locations
  • Limited or no access to a computer
  • Non-mobile friendly intranet
  • Often no company email
  • No access to documents on the go
  • Difficult to hear about company news
  • Feel disconnected from HQ and office workers
  • Limited communication with peers in other locations

These common situations make it difficult to communicate effectively with your NDE workforce. Latest news and updates from the company and CEO are hard to reach non-desk employees and aren’t always very effective when delivered by word of mouth through management, on intranets or noticeboards.

This leaves your NDE workforce feeling disconnected from the rest of the company, undervalued in the level of support and communication they receive and unable to have a voice within the company. This can have a number of negative effects including a drop in working performance and low levels of loyalty which impacts overall bottom line profits.

How StaffConnect helps Non-Desk Employees

  • Easy access using a mobile app
  • Immediate updates from company and CEO
  • Sharing of best practice amongst peers
  • Ability to have a voice in the company
  • Communication within communities
  • Instant access to relevant documents
  • Uniting entire workforce – NDEs and DEs
  • Direct 2-way communication channel
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Opening up a new communication channel on mobile enables NDEs to access and interact with content at a time and location convenient to them. Breaking down hierarchal barriers with cross-departmental and geographical communication and uniting the entire workforce.

NDEs are given a voice, being able to provide the company with their feedback and share content and comments with their peers. This helps give NDEs a sense of purpose and feeling they are a valued and important part of company. Along with easy access to documents and videos, StaffConnect is helping to improve employee performance and enable their own engagement.

Watch our StaffConnect video to see how the platform helps to drive more effective internal communications with NDEs, inspiring employee engagement across the organisation.