Internal Communications Apps in the NHS

As the largest employer in the UK the NHS faces one of the biggest challenges in creating effective 2-way communications to engage their employees.

Employees in the NHS are often on the go, based away from a desk or computer. This makes it much more difficult to get company communications across to all employees and individuals may find it hard to have their voice heard beyond their own departments and locations.

West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust saw this as an issue and seeked a new communication channel which communicates directly to their 4,000 strong workforce, allowing access at a time convenient to the employee. Leading the way to improve communication with their employees, West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust is launching an internal communications app later this year.


To find out more about internal comms apps in the NHS and to schedule a demo of our app, StaffConnect, please fill out the form.

Employee Engagement

Mobile apps are a great tool to help encourage engagement. Enabling employees to access snackable content at a time that best suits them and contribute their own thoughts and content amongst their peers.

Employee Feedback

Utilising surveys and enabling employees to email management directly is a great way to obtain both structured feedback and to address the concerns of employees.

Employee Awareness

It’s important that your employees are first to hear about what might affect them, particularly with the NHS being so well reported in the media. Apps allow you to promote the latest news and feature a scrolling headline on the home screen.

Best Practice & Sharing

Creating communities in an app is a great way to share work experiences and best practice, allowing employees to share, comment and like content.

Learning & Resources

Key documents and resources in the form of PDFs and videos can be accessed from an internal comms app to provide immediate and easy access to information on the go.