Internal staff communications tools for the modern workplace

Workplace communication has always been crucial to business success. But internal communication tools haven’t evolved in line with technology. Many organisations still rely on newsletters, non-mobile intranets and emails that simply don’t reach deskless workers, which represent a staggering 80% of the global workforce.

The modern workplace is a tech-driven environment, and traditional internal communication tools just don’t cut it anymore.

StaffConnect is designed to maximise the impact of your internal communications and ensure messages reach both employees that use a desk and those that don’t.


The StaffConnect internal communications platform has been designed to help you reach, connect and engage with your entire workforce, maximising the influence of your internal communications.



Instant messaging keeps information moving at all times. Want to get a progress update from your employees? Is your administrator missing crucial details from the sales team? Get these queries resolved in seconds with StaffConnect.


Your employees are the heart and soul of your business. Make sure that your process is optimised to help them do their best work without the need lengthy or unproductive procedures. Find out what they think with our surveys feature.


Keep everyone in the know with a digital news bulletin. All updates are important, but not all of them warrant drawing your employees away from their work. StaffConnect helps you quickly communicate all the latest announcements to your team, regardless of role or location.


Effortlessly build an authentic workplace community from within your internal communications tools. StaffConnect creates digital communities where employees can share content and comment on posts—like your company’s own personal social media channel!



Highlight the most important information employees need to know right now with a scrolling tickertape feature. This is part of StaffConnect’s home screen, so there’s no excuse for staff not to be up to date!


Every good manager has the same advice for their employees: if you don’t know something, ask! Give them every opportunity to resolve roadblocks and queries with a questions and FAQs feature in StaffConnect.


Your employees are a crucial resource for innovation. Some people in your team may have ideas but aren’t sure how or when to share them with you. StaffConnect provides a dedicated space for employees to make suggestions for improving workflows.


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