Internal communications solution for the manufacturing sector

In a productive manufacturing business, your machines need to be running at maximum efficiency to meet tight schedules. Why wouldn’t the same be true of your workforce?

It can be tempting to invest in all kinds of newfangled technology promising to make your manufacturing business run more smoothly.

StaffConnect is the most reliable choice of all. It’s an investment in your people—their satisfaction, their knowledge and the sharing of information between them.


The last thing busy manufacturing businesses need is an app full of features they won’t use. Every part of StaffConnect’s technology is optimised for effective, streamlined internal communication



Your manufacturing team are your greatest untapped resource. If there is a part of your process that isn’t working for them, it isn’t working for your business either. Give them the opportunity to innovate and make improvements with StaffConnect’s ideas space.


With everyone in their own space all the time, it can be hard to access the right person at the right time when help is needed. StaffConnect’s instant messaging system ensures that updates, information and advice are available throughout working hours.


Manufacturing businesses have enormous amounts of manuals, guides and other essential corporate collateral, such as health and safety documents, that employees should be able to access when needed. With StaffConnect’s library, they can do this without ever leaving their station.


Ensuring your manufacturing workforce is connected regardless of where they are or what department they’re in is crucial for the smooth running of your business. StaffConnect’s directory feature allows users to search for co-workers in other areas.



Sometimes all you need is a one-word answer to resolve a roadblock. StaffConnect has a dedicated space for questions and FAQs, ensuring that workflow goes on uninterrupted, even when employees find themselves stuck.


Your manufacturing team can wind up feeling a little left out of the loop if company announcements aren’t properly transmitted. Keep everyone up to date with StaffConnect’s news bulletin, accessible by everyone, regardless of role or location.


Gamification isn’t just for the corporate sector. Creating custom quizzes and games for your employees has been proven to keep their minds sharp, alert and motivated. With StaffConnect, quizzes form an integral part of internal communications.


For the information you need everyone to be aware of, StaffConnect has a scrolling tickertape that forms part of the home screen. This gives all users an overview of essential company updates and announcements for the day.



It’s the manager’s responsibility to check in with employees and make sure they don’t have concerns that require addressing, but it’s sometimes hard to find the time. StaffConnect allows you to check in digitally with a quick survey.

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