Mergers & Acquisitions: A critical time to engage employees

StaffConnect is an award-winning mobile employee engagement platform that helps improve employee experiences and reduces the risk of employee attrition.

Workforce engagement is a constant concern for many organisations and is particularly vulnerable at times of businesses transformation. We work with organisations, all over the world, who are looking to proactively take control of employee communications, give transparency and drive positive reactions to the restructuring and merging initiatives associated with business transformation.

Our brand new White Paper Mergers & Acquisitions: A Critical time to engage employees gives access to the latest research and offers practical advice on how to maintain and improve employee engagement levels and drive the cultural change necessary to align the workforce to the approaching business transformation.

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  • Access the latest employee engagement research through the lens of mergers and acquisitions
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  • Tips on how to engage employees and retaining staff during business transformation
  • How to manage cultural change and drive positive responses to mergers and acquisitions