Mergers & Acquisitions: A critical time to engage employees

Find out how mobile technology can help improve employee engagement, increase productivity and reduce attrition rates.

Many enterprises will, at some point in their timeline, undertake merger or acquisition activities.  Research tells us that employees are most likely to be looking for new roles when they feel disengaged or uncertain, which is costly, time consuming and disruptive to the organisation.  Honest two-way communication is vital during times of business transfomation to mitigate the risk of fake news, maintain and improve employee enagement levels, retain valued employees and help drive a postive response to the impending merger activity.

How can StaffConnect help you reduce attrition rates and increase employee engagement during times of business transformation?

We work with organisations, all over the world, who are looking to proactively take control of employee communications, give transparency and drive positive reactions to the restructuring and merging initiatives associated with business transformation.

Our brand new White Paper Mergers & Acquisitions: A Critical time to engage employees gives access to the latest research and offers practical advice on how to maintain and improve employee engagement levels and drive the cultural change necessary to align the workforce to the approaching business transformation.

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