The Complete Employee Engagement Solution

The StaffConnect Platform transforms how you reach, communicate and engage your employees.
Featuring an interactive app, an intuitive management console and an inspiring success programme.

Industry research tells us that the main frustrations for employees is poor communication, slow internal communication systems and lack of follow-up on employee feedback. The Staff Connect Platform resolves these frustrations and empowers your entire workforce to interact, share and collaborate with any form of internal communication via their mobile device, no matter where they are, what they do or what time of day it is.

Home workers and those working remotely can often feel isolated, but now they feel included and part of a team. They can easily keep up to date with important company news and announcements and participate in company surveys without the need for pc access.

The StaffConnect Platform transforms how employers reach, communicate and engage with employees, and how employees engage with each other – regardless of what they do, or where they are located.

Reach, Connect and Engage.

Mobile Platform


Engaging your entire workforce.
Improving the employee experience.

Management Console


Powerful analytics.
Sophisticated audience management.

Customer Success


Partner with our domain experts to deliver winning engagement programs.

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