AppSuccess – Best Practice Implementation Services

We know that a new tool, on its own, isn’t the complete answer to your challenges. You need to make sure the tool works for you, your business, and your employees. AppSuccess is a set of consultation and creation services which helps every customer to execute a successful launch and ongoing use of StaffConnect.

Our AppSuccess experts get to know your business and what your goals are for the app. They provide specialist training, advice, communication and digital expertise to guide you through the process from start to success.

Planning, Configuration and Training


Our domain experts work with you to understand your requirements, agree timings and create a winning implementation strategy.


Working closely with your design team, the look and feel of the app will be defined to represent your corporate brand.


We offer a range of training modules which are tailored to your needs; Management Console, Principles of Community Management, Content Planning, Launch Planning, and Analytics.

Familiarisation, Launch, Ongoing Success


A beta version of the app will be supplied to your appointed project champions so they can familiarise themselves with the app. Feedback from this phase will also help the project team clarify what launch communications and materials are required.


Working with you, we will identify success metrics for when the app goes live. We will assist you in outlining a communications plan and ongoing adoption and engagement strategy, to ensure a successful launch and ongoing use of the app.

Ongoing Success

We schedule post-launch reviews with you and your team to facilitate ongoing AppSuccess, alongside our technical support.

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