Internal communications tools for the retail sector

In the retail sector, the employee experience directly impacts the customer experience. Having the right internal communications tools in place is of absolutely paramount importance.

In retail businesses, information tends to trickle down from senior management to in-store teams, and deskless workers, notably your customer-facing employees can become resentful of being left out of the loop, as it stops them from doing their jobs properly.

Bring your retail team together with StaffConnect, an internal communications tool for the retail sector.


StaffConnect’s features are expertly chosen to maximise communication, morale and employee loyalty in retail teams.



One of the biggest internal communication struggles in a retail environment is relaying information quickly and clearly. StaffConnect’s news bulletin ensures employees have access to all the latest company announcements and updates.


Got something particularly pressing you want to make sure everyone sees? StaffConnect’s homepage features a tickertape to give users a speed of view of everything they need to be aware of to deliver the best possible customer service.


Retail teams are usually quite tight-knit. Why not give this community their own digital space to share updates, images and more? StaffConnect’s communities function like miniature social media platforms for your teams.


If you’re a retail worker and you don’t know the answer to a customer query or the solution to a functional problem, it can be quite a panicked situation. Alleviate the stress of these scenarios with questions and FAQs on StaffConnect.



The best way to resolve employee dissatisfaction is to nip it in the bud. Sense something bubbling in your retail team? Check in with them via StaffConnect’s surveys features, allowing to quickly measure and address problems with workflow.


Never underestimate the value of your employees as a resource for innovation. After all, they’re the ones implementing your systems day-by-day. If there’s something they think can be improved, give them the opportunity to tell you with StaffConnect’s dedicated idea space.


Keep the communication moving at all times. If you work for a retail chain, regional managers can’t be on-site at all times, but often have the information employees need. StaffConnect’s chat feature makes sure employees can get a hold of the right people at the right time.


It’s important for retail teams to be able to think fast and retain information. Gamification can help them do this in a way that isn’t boring. Create and customise quizzes for your staff that trains their brain while fostering a friendly competitive atmosphere!


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