How we differ to Social Chorus

When two different communications platforms meet the demands of businesses with large distributed workforces, making an informed decision on which app to go for is the first important step for you.


Social Chorus lacks support and domain expertise

Facebook workplace no domain expertise or support

As with many software products available, Social Chorus sell you the software and then leave you to it. You will need to sift through a long list of technical support documents and manuals to administrate features and updates.

We know that you can have the most powerful tool at your hands, but if you don’t use is wisely you won’t get the best results. StaffConnect provides the AppSuccess programme; consultations and training with a domain expert to support your strategy from concept through to launch and ongoing use.

Our clients appreciate the reassurance of being guided through the hurdles of managing their app features, especially when a large workforce is viewing and engaging with them in real-time.

Social Chorus offers limited branding personalisation


Social Chorus customises the app to your company’s brand specifications. However, it doesn’t offer this at a granular level to make your workforce feel like they are engaging with an in-house platform.

We believe your brand should be front and centre. Providing a branded app experience to generate trust and reassurance and build an association with your company’s personality. StaffConnect is personalised with your branding to deliver an employee experience from your company not ours. We do this by also phrasing the names of your tailored app features to sound virtually in-house.

Our customers are testament to the depth of our app’s personalisation: “We really value the personalized touch we’ve had from the team at StaffConnect. They understood the challenges we face and their AppSuccess consultation sessions helped us to devise our launch strategy, ongoing adoption and engagement plans,” said Helena Reeves, Director of Communications at NHS.

Social Chorus offers a Limited product feature set

Facebook workplace - limited feature set

Social Chorus offers only standard features to enable your internal communications team to deliver the bare necessities to the non-desk workforce. Even though they provide a comprehensive analytics module to track engagement metrics on your app solution, they lack the diversity of engagement methods that drive real constructive feedback and organisational improvement.

At StaffConnect we have built the platform based upon the needs of internal communications and HR professionals. We have taken a mobile-first approach to address the disconnected non-desk workforce and developed a number of features you don’t see in Social Chorus like pulse surveys, quizzes, resource libraries, and events.

This approach has enabled our app to make a significant impact on our customer’s distributed workforce: “StaffConnect is so much more than a communication tool, it is a pathway to the kind of culture in which our people want to live, work and stay”, said Molly Thomson, YMCA of Greater Charlotte