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Only 15% of all employees are engaged. 80% of the workforce doesn’t sit at a desk. Don’t let your deskless workers slip away. Take control with StaffConnect’s trailblazing staff app.

StaffConnect is the modern solution for tackling both in-office and deskless worker disengagement. Our award-winning staff app has been built by a team of domain, IC and customer success experts and is trusted by some of the world’s most recognisable organisations.

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Trusted by the NHS, Worcester Bosch, Yeo Valley and many more!

Award-winning staff engagement platform

Official members of the Forbes Technology Council

We help you get the best out of our staff app

Another staff app might sign you up and leave you to your own devices. StaffConnect is different. We provide support throughout the employee engagement process with our Customer Success programme, designed to ensure the smooth launch and roll-out of our platform at your organisation. Our team has significant HR and technical experience and are here to ensure the complete success of our staff app’s implementation.

A staff app proven to connect your workforce

StaffConnect was built with industry-proven engagement features. Our senior team are award-winning technology and business communication trailblazers who have adapted their considerable expertise to our staff app. Its effectiveness in engaging your in-office and deskless workforce can be clearly measured using our management console’s user analytics.

Non-stop staff app communication

Our technology is as robust as it is effective. StaffConnect supports your organisation’s ability to communicate come what may, and has been relied upon by our existing user base to safeguard employees and organise supplies during hurricanes and terror alerts alike. If your networks go down, staff app communication continues nonetheless with StaffConnect.

Connect with your deskless employees, boost your bottom line. With StaffConnect, it really is that easy.

Case Study: Yeo Valley

Yeo Valley selected StaffConnect to provide a branded app that reflected their company culture and ethos. The app delivered a range of features that help drive open communication, knowledge sharing and empowered employee communities.