Why choose the StaffConnect platform?

Free implementations services for any Emplify customer that migrates to the StaffConnect platform by end of June 2019*

If you are an Emplify customer, you will probably be aware that the Emplify app will no longer be supported after April 1st 2019.
We understand that looking for alternatives is a time-consuming and difficult process, so we’ve made it easier for you by explaining how our employee engagement platform, StaffConnect compares to Emplify .

StaffConnect offers most of the features that you’ve grown familiar with in the Emplify  platform as well as many additional features designed to connect and engage your entire workforce.

These include:

  • A public API and API integration, which facilitates integration and access to other company systems and tools.
  • We support single sign-on (SSO) for increased security and user management.
  • A comprehensive management console that provides real-time analytics and data, to help manage and give insight into content, communications and users. View our short product video here.
  • A Customer Success program that offers support before, during and after your implementation and rollout. Our team of domain experts will ensure a smooth launch of StaffConnect and ongoing employee engagement success.
  • A secure, instant messaging feature that allows employees to communicate in real time and share updates with individual colleagues and groups, regardless of their location.

View Free Implementation Offer Terms & Conditions here  

StaffConnect Emplify
API Integration
Analytics Dashboard
Customer Branded App
Customer Success Programme
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Employee Communities
Employee Directory
Employee Profile
Engagement Analytics
Instant Chat
Management Console
Single Sign-on
Surveys & Feedback
User Management
– Included
– Not available

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