Frequently Asked Questions

Company FAQs

What is StaffConnect?

StaffConnect is a mobile employee engagement platform that transforms the employee experience by enabling organisations with geographically distributed workforces to reach, connect and engage their deskless employees, who don’t necessarily have access to a PC, or a corporate email address.

Who do you work with?

We work with enterprise organisations in sectors that characteristically have significant proportions of deskless workers such as healthcare, retail, manufacturing, transport and hospitality sectors to name a few.

How many customers are using StaffConnect?

We have multiple customers all over the world, including Europe, North America, Asia and Middle East.

When did StaffConnect start?

StaffConnect was founded by our CEO in late 2015.

Where are your offices?

We are headquartered in the UK with offices in US.

Is StaffConnect a public or private company?

We are privately held with backing from a large Private Equity company in California.

Product FAQs

What is the StaffConnect app?

The StaffConnect app is a bespoke mobile employee engagement platform. It acts as a hub for information about an organisation and its current affairs, and communication between employees.

Why is employee engagement important?

Employee engagement is important because it is a symptom of how invested employees feel in their organisation. One of the biggest drivers of employee engagement is effective internal communication. The more engaged an employee is, the more happy, productive, motivated and passionate they are about their work.

Why do I need a mobile employee engagement platform?

The traditional methods of internal communication, like corporate intranets and emails, are no longer enough to reach and engage with employees. This is especially true for deskless or remote workers, who often do not have a company email address or regular access to a computer.

StaffConnect was designed with the deskless employee in mind, and comes equipped with tools to facilitate seamless, instant communication between employees, regardless of their location. It also enables deskless workers to stay up-to-date with company news & updates, as well as helping all employees feel as though they have a voice within their organisation.

Can I book a free demo?

Yes, you can – please click here to book a demo or call us on 0204 418 0500 [UK] or +1 800 940 1921 [US].

What is the pricing?

Pricing is variable and depends on number of licensed users, as well as specific company implementation requirements. To find out more, book a demo and speak to one of our sales representatives.

What is the minimum and maximum number of users?

The minimum amount of users we can license is 50 – but we have no max!

Can the app be personalised?

Yes, the StaffConnect app can be personalised to your brand specifications by your designated administrators in our bespoke management console.

Can content be translated?

Yes, we support content translation for over 25 languages. A full list of supported languages can be found here:

Are surveys a feature of the app?

Yes, the app offers pulse survey functionality for quick insights to gain employee feedback.

Are integrations supported?

Yes, the app supports web integrations through our feeds function, enabling employees to access web-based applications for their payslip and benefits directly from the app.

Is there Active Directory support?

Yes, the app supports Active Directory integration as well as Single Sign On functionality (SSO).

Does the app offer analytics and user/content management?

Yes – our management console provides granular analytics, both for content and for users. It also features a sophisticated user and content management system for segmentation and targeting. For more information, view our management console video here.

Is there an instant chat feature?

Yes, the app has integrated peer to peer and group messaging function.

Is there a user directory?

Yes, there is a directory of every user who has logged into the app. It is fully searchable – by name, department, location and more. Users can also customise their profiles to add more information about themselves.

Does the app support notifications?

Yes, there are both in-app notifications and push notifications.

Can users interact with content?

Yes – our ‘Communities’ feature acts as a newsfeed for all employees to post and interact with content, such as commenting and liking posts.

Is there moderation functionality?

Yes – administrators have moderation capabilities, and can retroactively delete any content that is not suitable on the platform. Additionally, if strict moderation is enabled, all user content must first be checked before it will appear in any feeds.

Customer Success FAQs

What is customer success?

We know that a new tool, on its own, isn’t the complete answer to your challenges. You need to make sure the tool works for you, your business, and your employees. Our customer success programme is a set of consultation and creation services which helps every customer to execute a successful launch and ongoing use of StaffConnect.

Why is customer success important?

The primary goal of customer success is to enable effective adoption of the StaffConnect platform for each and every customer. Customer success managers (CSMs) ensure that our customers are going to continue using StaffConnect by making sure they extract the most value from the platform.

How do you execute customer success?

Our customer success experts get to know your business and what your goals are for the StaffConnect platform. They provide specialist training, advice, communication and digital expertise to guide you through the process from start to success.

For example, CSMs typically work with customers to establish business-led success goals before projects begin. The CSM will schedule quarterly ‘health’ reviews for your network based on the goals. CSMs will also review performance as customers achieve predetermined milestones. See a detailed breakdown of the project stages here.

When does customer success happen?

Once a customer is brought on board, the CSM kicks off the project. A kick off session is scheduled, and useful resources are shared with the customer to help tackle the roll out in manageable phases.

The CSM typically runs a workshop with the customer project team that includes system training, principles of best practice community management, creating an example launch plan and creating an example communication plan.

Depending on the specific needs of the customer, the CSM will run additional training to help meet customer needs. For example, some customers request a separate training session for leaders. Our customer success team can provide the training or supply the materials for the project lead to run the in-house session.

Customer success is ongoing throughout the lifecycle of all StaffConnect customers. This is our commitment to ensuring our customers see maximum return on their investment.

Who are the people that perform customer success?

At StaffConnect our customer success team members are all experts in internal digital communications. Having worked in-house in a variety of large, medium, and small enterprises, the team has valuable collective knowledge. The CSMs have first-hand experience of the common quick-wins, pitfalls, and opportunities to focus on when rolling out an employee application.

They share this experience with our customers to make their roll out journey smooth and maximize the success of the StaffConnect platform.

What does success with StaffConnect look like?

At StaffConnect we understand that every customer will have different needs. We tailor your targets to suit what you require from the system. We understand that having a large percentage of users logged is only half the battle, and that StaffConnect is a tool to help communicate a variety of business goals. In delivering those goals, StaffConnect delivers success.