Team building with technology

The workplace has changed dramatically in recent years. So why hasn’t team building?

Old-fashioned team building days are becoming somewhat of a thing of the past. The advancement of technology has opened up new possibilities for time-and-cost-effective team building with real, measurable effects.

From corporate gamification to surveys and ideas-sharing features, StaffConnect helps you reap the rewards of team building in a way that is simple, affordable and integrated.


Not a single element of StaffConnect’s team building platform is wasted. Every feature is designed to bring your team together and help you communicate more effectively.



Corporate gamification is changing the face of team building. StaffConnect lets your employees work through games and quizzes that help them think on their feet, retain more information and collaborate with one another in a motivated way.


It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of your daily working life and forget that your team is just that—a team. It’s important that everyone on that team is satisfied with workflows and processes. Quickly check in with a StaffConnect survey.


What happens if your employees say they aren’t being properly supported by business procedures? Let them be part of the solution! StaffConnect’s ideas feature lets your employees make suggestions for resolving roadblocks and finding solutions in record time.


Most people spend the majority of their week working. Our communities feature helps your deskless workers feel connected to the workplace—whether it’s a digital or a material one. Employees can post updates, leave comments and more, just like on social media pages!



Sometimes the information your employee needs to overcome a roadblock in their workflow is right in front of them, although they may not know it. Help them resolve queries in seconds by asking questions and viewing FAQs on StaffConnect.


Great teams are built on a solid foundation. In order to work well together, employees need all the relevant information at their fingertips. StaffConnect’s library feature creates a shared resource for your team to access all kinds of documents.


In effective teams, no one gets left behind! StaffConnect’s news bulletin is a great opportunity for recognising individual or collective achievements—such as employee of the month—and fostering a collective spirit in the workplace, whether you staff sit at a desk or not.


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