Travel & Transport Staff Communication Platform

As an employee of a busy travel and transportation company, it can be difficult to communicate with and effectively engage your colleagues, who’re often out on the road.

With StaffConnect, you can instantly contact employees, track engagement and more—all at the touch of a button!




With your workers out in the field, it can become difficult to communicate effectively. With StaffConnect, you can use the instant chat feature to catch up and check in on progress through your mobile device, wherever your team members are.


Your employees are full of innovative ideas which could greatly benefit your business. Don’t let them go unheard! With the StaffConnect app, your employees can register their thoughts and suggestions about everything from business process to work meetups as soon as the idea hits them, which you can then view and respond to.


If your employees are rarely in the office, you need a new way to circulate important updates and business related news. StaffConnect’s news feature allows you to share all the important information with the team members invited to use the app, so they never miss a story!


With employees working predominantly remotely, it can be difficult to let everyone know about upcoming company events, especially without worrying that you’ve left someone out! With the StaffConnect events tab, you can post all the information your employees need to know about upcoming events in one place, and even link to useful things like sign up links.



With remote workers, travel and transportation businesses run the risk of lacking a community feel. Combat this issue with the StaffConnect app’s communities feature. Through this section of the app, your workers can post updates, pictures and videos for co-workers to enjoy, helping everyone to feel part of the bigger team.


When they’re out on the job, your travel and transportation workers need access to everything they need to get the job done, from confidential documents to manuals.


With the library feature from StaffConnect, they’ll never leave without the information they need. This feature allows you to store all kinds of documentation, which your employees can access anywhere, anytime.


With your valued employees often working remotely, you need a new way to get their feedback. With the survey feature, you can create and conduct bespoke surveys which can help you to direct future business choices.


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